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Single Row Spherical Roller Bearing
Single Row Spherical Roller Bearing

Single Row Spherical Roller Bearing

Single-row spherical roller bearings are self-retaining radial roller bearings. They also belong tp s;elf-aligning bearings. Benefit from the concave raceway on the outer ring, they are able to compensate the static and dynamic angular misalignment under certain limits. Inner ring is equipped with two fixed ribs and a formed raceway. The rollers are guided between the two inner ring ribs. Solid cages from ZWA single-row spherical roller bearings are mainly brass ones. ZWA offered two bore types for single-row spherical roller bearings, one is cylindrical bore and the other is tapered. 

Applications of Bearing

Rolling elements in single-row spherical roller bearings contact with the raceway in line. With this feature, the bearings are able to bear very high radial capacity loads and relatively low axial capacity load. Because of the concave raceway on the outer rings, single-row spherical roller bearings are able to adjust the angular misalignment. 

ZWA’s single-row spherical roller bearings have served the customers well. Its production range is from the inner ring 50mm to 200mm. With its reliable bearing quality and after-sale service, ZWA bearings have assisted the customers to realize the following goals:

  • Reduce the cost 

  • Increase productivity

  • Keep the sustainability

  • Protect the environment 

Besides the regular single-row spherical roller bearings, ZWA is also able to customize the bearings for the customer based on the special working conditions. If you are looking for a substitute for world named-brands or you plan to reduce the cost with cost-effective bearings suppliers, ZWA will be your right choice. Besides professional bearing manufacturing experience, ZWA also offers 7/24 service to the customers. On-site service is also available upon request.  

Features of single-row spherical roller bearings

  • Adjust the angular misalignment 

  • Bear High rotating speed 

  • Bear both pure axial or radial loads

  • Bear both high rotating speed and high axial loads working 

Application of single-row spherical roller bearings

Steel or metal process, Common industry 

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