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Roller Bearings and Ball Bearings
As a professional bearing manufacturing company, ZWA Bearings is able to provide you with both high-quality types of ball bearings and roller bearings and complete the after-sale service. ZWA is one of the leading roller bearing manufacturers in china. We focus on supporting our customers with high quality bearing and roller to ensure their problem-free and cost-optimized production.
About ZWA Bearings

DALIAN GUANGYAGN BEARING CO., LTD with the trademark“ZWA” is a professional precision bearings company that focuses on producing high quality bearing. The major products produced by ZWA are roller and ball bearings from the inner ring 20mm to 2000mm. With the quality principle, “0.01% defect is 100% reject”, ZWA has won the trust from many Fortune Global 500 companies and also replaced many named bearing brands with the cost-effective products and quick-response after-sale service, 

The types of ball and roller bearings application experience gained over the past 16 years provide ZWA with the development and production of technological value-added bearings, especially in steel, mining, and cement industries, where it is recognized by OEM customers as a preferential china bearing supplier among the top bearing manufacturers. 

ZWA will keep evaluating her processes and success by the satisfaction of her customers.

ZWA’s High Quality Suppliers
Bearing Industry Solutions

Different types of ball bearings and industrial roller bearings produced by ZWA Bearings, a ball and roller bearing company can be applied in many sectors, including steel, mining, cement, paper making, and many other industries. ZWA, with strong roller and ball bearing business, is devoted to producing precision bearings for our customers' needs. 

  • Steel
    In steel industry, the rolls acts as the heart of rolling mills. ZWA’s bearings for rolling mills are proved to be reliable and cost-effective.
  • Mining
    Working condition for mining equipment is extremely severe. ZWA’s bearings for mining equipment, including bearings for vibrating screen and crushers.
  • Cement
    ZWA’s bearings for cement not only meet the working requirements of the equipment, but also help the customer reduce the downtime&cost, and increase the production capacity.
  • Paper Making
    Bearings applied on paper making machine must obsess high reliability. ZWA keep improving and developing bearings related to increasing efficiency and high reliability.
  • Others
    Find out more bearing applied in petroleum and chemistry,engineering machinery industries.
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