Four Row Tapered Roller Bearing
Four Row Tapered Roller Bearing

Four Row Tapered Roller Bearing

Four row tapered roller bearings is composed of two double row inner rings and one double row outer ring consisting two single outer rings. Between the two inner rings, there is one inner spacer. Among those three outer rings, two central spaces are furnished, which can be use to adjust the clearance. When borne by heavy radial load, it can bear simultaneously axial load in two different directions. But its allowed speed is not much, which is mainly used for rolling mills. In recently years, four row tapered roller bearings with double face seal is popular, especially in rolling mills. ZWA are able to cater the customers with those sealed four row tapered roller bearings. 

Applications of Bearing

In general, the cage of ZWA’s four-row tapered roller bearings is pressed steel cage. For those with big size, ZWA offered a pin-type cage. For those smaller sized ones, the raw material is common bearing steel and for those big-sized ones or pin-type ones, the raw material is case hardened steel. In ZWA, you are able to get both metric and imperial four-row tapered roller bearings. In the past years, ZWA has offered hundreds of four-row tapered roller bearings to the customers, especially the steel and metal process industry. Those customers cover from Russia, Turkey to CHINA. ZWA replaced those named branded bearing suppliers with its cost-effective products. In this way, ZWA helps the customers reduce the cost, increase productivity, prolong the service life of the equipment. 

Besides standard four-row tapered roller bearings, ZWA also offers customized products for the customers. For detailed information, please contact ZWA. 

Features of four-row tapered roller bearings 

Well-allocated loads on the four-row rollers

High radial and axial load capacity in two directions

Separable, faster and convenient for mounting, dismounting, inspection, and maintenance 

Application of four-row tapered roller bearings 

They are mainly applied in rolling mills, including hot and cold strip rolling mills. 

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