Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings can bear large axial forces and function like thrust bearings. They can also manage large radial loads. Tapered bearings are an improvement on journal bearings. Tapered roller bearings don’t need to add frequent lubrication to avoid overheating and failure.

Tapered roller bearings avoid "differential scrubbing", the wear that occurs when a roller slides instead of rolls. This is achieved by matching the speeds of the various components inside the bearings. These components can wear out prematurely in other types of bearings because they move at different speeds.

Many industries use tapered roller bearings, especially those in the steel and mining industries. Tapered bearings are essential to axle systems, rolls, engine motors, gear boxes, and reducers. They function best in medium-speed, heavy-load applications. 

Tapered Roller Bearings Types

Consistency of roller profiles and sizes 

The rollers incorporated in ZWA tapered roller bearings are manufactured to such close dimensional and geometrical tolerances that they are practically identical. This provides optimal load distribution, reduces noise and vibration, and enables preload to be set more accurately. 

Rigid bearing application 

A single row tapered roller bearing is typically adjusted against a second tapered roller bearing. By applying a preload, a rigid bearing application can be achieved. 

Running-in period with reduced temperature peaks 

Tapered roller bearings typically have a running-in period, during which a conventional design tapered roller bearing experiences a significant amount of friction, resulting in wear. This effect is noticed as a temperature spike. With ZWA tapered roller bearing designs, friction, frictional heat and wear are significantly reduced, provided the bearings are mounted and lubricated correctly.

Industry Solutions
ZWA Bearing Recommendations
  • Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
    Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
    The rollers of double row cylindrical roller bearing are crossing arranged. While rotating, the wave ratio is one time higher than single-row cylindrical roller bearings but vibration ratio decrease 70%...
  • Angular Contact Ball Bearings
    Angular Contact Ball Bearings
    Angular contact ball bearings, also known as acbb bearing, are a kind of inseparable bearings, the side shoulders of inner ring and outer ring are uneven. In order to increase the load capacity, one of the side shoulder will be lower than the other.
    This kind of bearings has raceways both on inner ring and outer ring.
  • Split Bearings
    Split Bearings
    Split roller bearings are specially designed based on the original spherical roller bearings and cylindrical bearings. The aim of split bearings is to solve the problem of quick replacement of bearings at unattainable positions or points. They are suitable for the application of lower rotating speed, higher load, shock loads, harsh working conditions and those positions where it is hard to access. ZWA’s split bearings include split spherical and split cylindrical roller bearings.
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