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Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Full complement cylindrical roller bearing is a kind of cylindrical roller bearing designed without cages. In this design, the number of rollers are the biggest in all the bearings types. This kind of bearing is designed to bear heavy load. In the same width, compared with traditional cylindrical roller bearings with cages, this bearing is capable of bearing extremely high load capacity and also save space. But it also have shortcomings like bear relatively lower rotating speed and higher internal friction. For every kind of cylindrical roller bearings, there are oil grooves and oil holes on the outer rings.

Applications of Bearing

Full complement cylindrical roller bearings contain single row and double row. According to different internal designs, they can also be divided into NNC, NNCL, and NCF series. 

For the NNC series, it is a non-seal bearing. The outer ring is whole-set split one which is fixed by locking plate. Therefore, the outer ring is not able to bear axial loads. The outer ring is the same with one rib which acts as axial locating in two directions. There are three ribs on the inner ring. Three lubrication grooves and oil holes on lying on the outer ring. Lubrication is oil in general. 

For the NNCL series, it’s also non-seal bearing without ribs on the outer ring. There are three oil grooves and holes on the outer rings, and three ribs on the inner rings. One fixed ring between two-row rollers on the center of the outer ring can prevent the rollers from falling out. This type allows a certain axial replacement between axle and housing. Therefore, they usually act as free-end bearings. 

For the NCF series, it can be one rib or no rib with a locking ring on the outer ring. The axial clearance “S” guarantees the axial replacement between axle and housing. 

Feature of full complement cylindrical roller bearings

  • High radial load capacity 

  • High stiffness

  • Separable and exchangeable 

  • Longer service life 

Application fields

Tooling machine, steel and metal process, gearbox, port equipment etc

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