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Roller bearing rotates the bearing parts by rolling contact of its major components. Different roller bearings are able to bear different axial and radial loads. 

Compared with ball bearings, the major components of roller bearings are linear contact each other which enables the bearing with less deformation after high load. 

Choosing proper roller bearings should be based on the detailed working condition. ZWA, a local China roller bearing supplier that has its own roller bearing factory, provides the service and technical advice on the bearing selection. Please contact us for optimized your equipment performance by the most suitable bearings. 

Industry Solutions
ZWA Bearing Recommendations
  • Single Row Tapered Roller Bearing
    Single Row Tapered Roller Bearing
    It can bear simultaneously radial load and single row axial load. According to contact angle, it is classified into 3 types: small, medial and big cone angle.
  • Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing
    Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing
    This bearing can form a compact assembling in axial direction. The bearing is stiff and can bear heave axial loads but is insensitive to radial loads.
  • Deep Groove Ball Bearings
    Deep Groove Ball Bearings
    Deep groove ball bearings, also known as DGBB bearing, are the typical rolling bearings which have the most widely application.
    Basic deep groove ball bearings of different sizes are made up of one inner ring, one outer ring, one cage and a group of balls. It can bear both radial and axial load capacity. Therefore, it can also be divided into axial deep groove ball bearing and radial deep groove ball bearing.
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