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Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings
Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings

Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings

Thrust spherical roller bearings are a kind of separable bearings with rolling-element bearing of thrust type. With this feature, it’s possible to mount or dismount the housing separately from the shaft. Meanwhile it’s easier to assemble the rollers and cages. Maintenance is also convenient and fast with this feature. 

Applications of Bearing

At the same time, because of the certain angle between the load effect line and the bearing axial line, thrust spherical roller bearings are the only type that is able to bear axial and radial loads. Therefore, it is the best solution for the working condition of both high axial and radial loads. Expect this, the allowable aligning angle differs based on the bearing's dimension, it is also the only type which allows misalignment and shaft deflection. There are different contact angles for spherical thrust roller bearings which make it possible to replace tapered roller bearings in some circumstances. The interior design reaches the best balance for contact stress and friction between raceway and rollers which prolong the bearing service life. 

But this type has some points where lubrication is hard to make such as the gap between the cage and the guide sleeve. Therefore, even for low-speed operation, oil lubrication is a must. 

ZWA’s thrust spherical roller bearings are usually with a pressed steel cage and machined brass cage. In general, ZWA recommends the brass cage for horizontal shaft or high-speed application. The bearings have the following advantages which help the customers to reduce the cost, increase productivity, and increase equipment sustainability. 

Features of thrust spherical roller bearings

  • Wide application speed range 

  • Solid design 

  • Bear combined load capacity 

  • Reduced edge stress.

Application of thrust spherical roller bearings

Mining & mineral process, paper making, motors, reducers, gearbox, shipbuilding, plastic industry, steel and metal process

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