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How to Read  Bearing Numbers

How to Read Bearing Numbers

The first number or the first letter or the combination of letters indicates the bearing type.

There are 9 types of ball bearing:

1. Category 0: Double row angular contact ball bearings (ACBB bearing)

2. Category 1: Self-aligning ball bearings

3. Category 2: Spherical roller bearings (SRB bearing), spherical roller thrust bearings

4. Category 3: Tapered roller bearings (TRB bearing)

5. Category 4: Double row deep groove ball bearings (DGBB bearing)

6. Category 5 : Thrust ball bearings

7. Category 6: Deep groove ball bearings

8. Category 7: Angular contact ball bearings

9. Category 8: Cylindrical roller thrust bearings (CRB bearing)

The last two numbers reflect the ISO size series. The first number represents the width or height series (dimension B, T, or H respectively), and the second number represents the diameter series (dimension D). The last two numbers of the basic model number are the size code of the bearing and the numbers multiply by 5 can get the inner diameter in millimeters.

Extended information of ball bearing:

Bearings are the high-precision products. If it is assembled improperly, it will easily cause damage to the bearing raceway, resulting in bearing damage. When assembling the bearing, it needs to use a specified mold and it can not be knocked at will. When pressing into the shaft, only can put stress on the small circle. And for the larger circle, only the large circle can be put stress when being pressed. It is required to use air pressure or hydraulic pressure while assembling. During the installation, the upper and lower molds should be at a horizontal state. If they are inclined, the bearing channel will be damaged due to the extra force.

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