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Advantages of the Linear Ball Bearing

Advantages of the Linear Ball Bearing

For the linear ball bearing, the structure is equipped with a retainer in the outer ring. The retainer is fitted with a plurality of steel balls and it moves in an infinite cycle. Both ends of the retainer are fixed with the innerspring retainer and a notch window is provided on the straight-line track where the steel balls work under force. This part makes the loaded ball roll in contact with the shaft. With very low friction coefficient movement, linear motion ball bearing is the most appropriate choice for mechanical equipment, automation equipment, energy-saving equipment, etc.

Linear moving different types of ball bearings are more and more widely used in general or special machinery industries, such as electronics, machinery, instruments, robots, tools machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, CNC machine tools, automobiles and so on.

Advantages of the linear ball bearing:

1. The flow contact can make the starting friction resistance and the dynamic friction resistance very small so that it can save energy and get a higher motion speed easily.

2. The friction coefficient is not sensitive to the increase in load. Therefore, the friction coefficient is very small under heavy load. And the accuracy remains unchanged for a long period so that the service life of the machine can be maintained for a long time.

3. The linear motion bearing has good interchangeability. It not only makes installation convenient and time-saving but also makes the mechanical structure novel, small and light.

4. It saves oil supply procedures, achieves the purpose of simplifying lubrication maintenance. 

5. The bearing with oil seal attached on both sides is also suitable for the place with dust or where foreign matter is easy to invade.

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