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What are Thrust Bearings Used for?

What are Thrust Bearings Used for?

Thrust bearings can reduce the friction and cope with pressure well. Meanwhile, it enables the rotational or linear movement between the various parts of the automobiles and other machinery, allowing the metal parts to work smoothly, and then extend their durability. Additionally, the thrust bearing is also a kind of rolling bearing.

The functions of thrust bearings are as follows:

1. The function of the TBB bearing is to fix the shaft so that it can only rotate, and then control its axial and radial movement. Otherwise, the shaft can move in any direction. But when the motor is working, it only allows the shaft to be rotated. Thus, the motor cannot work without a bearing.

2. Lubrication. The lubrication action of the thrust bearing can reduce the internal friction and wear of the bearing, avoid burning, and increase its service life. The lubrication can also discharge the frictional heat and cooling to prevent the bearing from becoming too hot and causing problems of the aging of the lubricating oil and foreign matter entering the bearing o rust, corrosion, etc.

Although it allows rotation between parts similar to other bearings, the bearings are primarily designed to support axial loads. Thrust bearings supplied by thrust bearing manufacturer have rich functions.

Attention points for thrust bearings:

  1. Distinguish the tight ring and the loose ring of the bearing.                                           

  2. Need to distinguish the static parts of the organization.                                                 

  3. The loose ring of the bearing should always rest on the end face of the stationary part.

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