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Tips for Installing Tapered Roller Bearings in Mechanical Equipment

Tips for Installing Tapered Roller Bearings in Mechanical Equipment

As a core component in mechanical equipment, the installation process of tapered roller bearing is crucial and directly related to the stable operation and service life of the equipment. Only under the premise of ensuring that all conditions are met, can ensure the accuracy and reliability of tapered roller bearing. This article will introduce the precautions for the installation of tapered roller bearing.

Suitable Environment

Installation of the tapered roller bearing must be carried out in dry, clean environmental conditions. Before mounting, the mating surfaces of the shafts and housings, the end faces of the shoulders, the grooves and the connection surfaces should be carefully inspected for machining quality. All mating surfaces must be carefully cleaned and deburred, and the unprocessed surfaces of the castings must be cleaned of sand.

Cleaning Before Installation

Tapered roller bearing should be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene before installation, and ensure good lubrication. Double row tapered roller bearings and pump shaft bearings with sealing structure have been filled with good grease, users can use them directly.

Apply Equal Pressure

When tapered roller bearings are mounted, equal pressure must be exerted on the circumference of the end faces of the rings to press the rings into place. A hammer should not be used to strike the end face of the tapered roller bearing directly to avoid damage to the bearing. If large quantities are installed, a hydraulic press can be used. When pressed in, should ensure that the outer ring end face and shell shoulder end face, inner ring end face and shaft shoulder end face compression, do not allow clearance.

Adjustment of Clearance

Single row tapered roller bearing installation should be the final clearance adjustment. The clearance value should be based on different conditions of use and the size of the surplus and specific determination. If necessary, should be tested to determine. Double row tapered roller bearing has been adjusted for clearance at the factory and do not need to be adjusted again during installation.

Rotation Test

Tapered roller bearing should be rotated after installation. First of all, it should be used to rotate the shaft or bearing box. If there is no abnormality, then run without load and at low speed. Then gradually increase the rotation speed and load according to the operation situation, and detect noise, vibration and temperature rise. If any abnormality is found, the operation should be stopped and checked. Only after the normal operation test can it be delivered for use.

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