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Split Spherical Bearings and the Applications

Split Spherical Bearings and the Applications

The development of split spherical bearings

Split spherical bearings were invented at the beginning of the 20th century and have been a strong backing for industry ever since. Split spherical bearings are well known throughout the industry for their ability to increase production and efficiency by reducing downtime. They are widely praised for saving the installation, inspection and maintenance time for ultimate users, at the same time, they provide equipment manufacturers with simplified machine and shaft designs.


The applications of split spherical bearings

As one of the important basic parts, split spherical bearing is widely used in many fields. Split spherical bearings are mainly used in positions where the installation and disassembly are difficult to reduce the difficulty of bearing disassembly. This kind of bearing is suitable for low speed and bad working environment. The easy installation and disassembly of split spherical roller bearings reduce the downtime of equipment and improve production efficiency. The split spherical bearings produced by China bearing manufacturer DALIAN GUANGYANG BEARING CO., LTD. can be used in the following fields:


(1) The conveying equipment


Conveying equipment refers to the material handling machinery that continuously conveys materials on a certain line, which is also known as assembly line. The conveying line can realize horizontal, inclined and vertical transmission, and can also form a space transmission line. The transmission lines are generally fixed. The conveying capacity of conveyors is large, the conveying distance is long, and a number of technological operations can be completed in the conveying process at the same time, so they are widely used.


(2) The ventilation equipment


Ventilation, also known as air change, is to use mechanical or natural methods to send enough fresh air into the indoor space, and at the same time, the indoor dirty air that does not meet the health requirements is discharged, so that the indoor air can meet the health requirements and the production process needs. The facilities for the completion of ventilation work in a building are collectively referred to as ventilation equipment.


(3) The mining and material processing equipment


The mining and material processing industries are inseparable from split spherical bearings, such as excavators and reclaimers, winches and pulleys, worm conveyors, bucket wheels and belt conveyors, mixing and stirring equipment, grinders and crushers, sintering equipment and drum kilns, fans and ventilators, dust removal equipment, arrangers and transmission shafts.


(4) The pulping and paper industry equipment


Split spherical bearings are widely used in pulping and paper industry equipment, mainly including fans and ventilators, mixing and stirring equipment, drying cylinders, arrangers and transmission shafts, conveying equipment, grinding machinery, etc.


(5) The steel rolling


The process of changing the shapes of ingots and billets between rotating rollers is called steel rolling.


(6) The shipping


Ships are vehicles that can sail or berth in the water area for transportation or operation. They have different technical performance, equipment and structure types according to different application requirements. A ship is made up of many parts. According to the functions and uses of each part, it can be summarized into three parts: the hull, ship power plant and ship outfitting.

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