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Self-aligning Roller Bearing and Its Application

Self-aligning Roller Bearing and Its Application

A brief introduction to self-aligning roller bearings

Self-aligning roller bearings are bearings with drum rollers assembled between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring with a spherical raceway. Self-aligning roller bearings have two rows of rollers, which mainly bear radial load as well as axial load in any direction. Bearings with high radial load capacity are especially suitable for heavy load or vibration load work, but they can not bear pure axial load. The outer ring raceway of self-aligning roller bearing is spherical, so it has good self-aligning performance and can compensate the coaxiality error.

Most self-aligning roller bearings are designed with two rows of rollers to withstand very large radial loads and large axial loads. There are also self-aligning roller bearings designs with a row of rollers. The SRB bearing is suitable for low radial loads with almost no axial loads. The internal design of bearings is not standardized by ISO, so there will be differences between different roller bearing suppliers and different series. DALIAN GUANGYANG BEARING CO., LTD. provides customers with various types of high quality SRB bearings, so customers in need can contact us at any time! The following is to introduce the main applications of SRB bearings.

Applications of self-aligning roller bearings

The main suitable cages for self-aligning roller bearings: stamped steel reinforced cage (The suffix is E, and there is only a few in China). Stamped steel type cage (suffix CC), glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 cage (suffix TVPB), machined brass two-piece cage (suffix MB). Machined brass integral cage (suffix CA), stamping steel cage (suffix JPA) for vibration occasions. Brass cages for vibrating occasions (suffix EMA). The bearing code may be different in the same structure.

Main applications of self-aligning roller bearings: paper making machinery, reducers, axles for railway vehicles, gear box bearing blocks of rolling mills, rolling mill rollers, crushers, vibrating screens, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, all kinds of industrial reducers, and vertical self-aligning bearings with seats.

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