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Points for Attention of Bearing Noise

Points for Attention of Bearing Noise

Generally speaking, the rolling bearings in the bearing itself does not create noise. In fact, the "bearing noise" usually felt is the sound effect of the bearing directly or indirectly vibrating with the surrounding structure.

In daily life, it is necessary to pay careful attention to the use of bearings in order to avoid noise caused by bearings. The following are things to note.

1. Fragile components, especially pins, presses, covers, and iron pads, cannot be replaced with butter for replacement and repairment during maintenance. Prolonged use of parts that are worn to the limit can shorten the life of other machinery.

2. When repairing various shafts, shaft repair without balancing machine needs to be balanced, thus, a thrust bearing, such as a TBB bearing, can be installed at one end of the shaft and clamped on the three claws of the lathe. The other end can be supported by the top. If the lathe is short, the center frame can be used to clamp the other end of the SKF bearing mounted on the shaft to correct until it is balanced. However, in the counterweight, please tight the screws and try not to use the electric welding method of counterweight.

3. It is not easy to purchase bearings due to various types of ball and roller bearings materials during maintenance and waste shaft can be used for processing. At present, most axes in China are made of 45# carbon-bonded steel. If quenching and tempering are needed, under bad conditions, oxygen and soil furnace can be used to heat the required parts to red black and place them in saltwater. It depends on demand.

4. When processing sleeve parts, it is difficult to draw the oil groove in the sleeve hole because of some parts of the harvester. Butter and engine oil can be used for places where are difficult to refuel, except for nylon sleeves. It is best not to use cast iron, copper, or aluminum to replace where nylon sleeves are used. This is because nylon sleeves will withstand a certain impact without deformation.

5. On the premise that the key on the pulley and shaft and keyway repair ensure that the size does not change, never increase the size of the key, otherwise it will affect the strength of the shaft. The keyway on the shaft can be repaired with electric welding filler to mill a keyway in the opposite direction of the old key. The keyway on the pulley can be set by inserting (transitional fit). After mounting, please use a countersunk screw to tap the slot to tighten the key.

6. The distributor and the reducing valve will be removed when repairing the hydraulic part of the harvester. With the air pump to the pressure of each pipe fitting air, hydraulic oil secondary loading should be filtered and exhausted. Assembly of hydraulic maintenance is mainly sealing, and seals are better to be placed after being removed.

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