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How to Select Bearings

How to Select Bearings

There are several crucial factors to be considered during the selection of bearings.

1. The load that the bearing can withstand

There are two kinds of loads. One is the axial load that is parallel to the axis of rotation; the other is the radial load that is perpendicular to the axis.

Each bearing is designed to bear axial load or radial load. And when some bearings can withstand both loads, we call it combined load. If you need the bearings that can withstand combined loads, ZWA recommends that you select the tapered roller bearing (TRB bearing). If you need bearings that can withstand high radial loads, the cylindrical roller bearing is a good choice. Besides, if the bearing is to support relatively light loads, it is recommended to choose the ball bearing which is usually cheaper.

2. Rotation speed

Some bearings can work under relatively high speeds. The China cylindrical roller bearings with holder can withstand higher speed than the needle roller bearing without holder. However, some of bearings that can work under high speeds is weak at withstanding loads.

You also need to realize that not all bearings possess the features mentioned above, such as double row ball bearings. Therefore, the structure of the bearing also needs attention.

3. The service life of bearings

The service life of bearings is affected by many factors, such as work speed and the frequency of use. Sealing system is key to ensure the normal and lasting operation of bearings. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the bearings are well protected from any impurities and other external factors, such as dust, water, corrosive liquids, etc. The fluid pressure is the decisive factor for a good sealing system. If the pressure is high enough (e.g. in the range of 2-3 bar), the mechanical seal will be perfect.

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