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How to Install Cylindrical Roller Bearings?

How to Install Cylindrical Roller Bearings?

Characteristics of CRB Bearings


The main difference between cylindrical roller bearings and other bearing types is the name - CRB bearings use cylinder as the rolling element, which is unlike the ball in ball bearing. The length of the cylinder is slightly greater than its diameter. Compared with the ball bearings produced by China bearing manufacturers, cylindrical rollers have a greater radial load capacity. The design of Chinese cylindrical roller bearing also enables these parts to withstand faster speeds than other types of roller bearings.


China cylindrical roller bearings are ubiquitous and important mechanical base parts that are widely used in various fields of economy and national defense. Cylindrical roller bearings were booming with the bicycle, automobile and other industries during the Second Industrial Revolution. It gradually becomes a highly professional industry around the world. What about the installation method then? DALIAN GUANGYANG BEARING CO., LTD., as one of the top 10 bearing manufacturers in China, will give you a detailed introduction.


Installation Method for Cylindrical Roller Bearings


(1) Install the maze ring (the waterproof sleeve). The fit between the labyrinth ring and roll neck is generally a tight clearance fit, so it needs to be rapped gently with a copper rod in the installation. The both sides of the labyrinth ring must be parallel and tightly fitted to the shaft shoulder and bearing inner ring.


(2) Install the inner ring. The fit between the inner ring of the four-row cylindrical spreader bearing and the roll neck is interference fit. The inner ring should be heated to 90-100 ℃ before installation. The temperature is prohibited to exceed 120 ℃, or the cooling retraction of the inner ring will be incomplete. Oil tank heating and induction heating are both available, but open flame heating is absolutely prohibited.


When it adopts oil tank heating, the increase of the inner diameter is calculated according to the following formula: △d=12.5×10-6△t.d


In the formula, △d is the inner diameter increase of the inner ring after heating (mm); △t is the difference between oil temperature and room temperature (℃), and the standard room temperature is 20℃; d is the inner diameter of inner ring (mm). During the cooling process of the installation of FCD type double inner ring, the end face between the inner rings, and between the inner ring and the labyrinth ring must be close to each other along the axial direction, then it needs testing by a feeler gauge.


(3) Install the outer ring. The fit between the outer ring of the four-row cylindrical spreader bearing and the inner hole of the bearing seat is generally transitional fit. For smaller bearings, the whole that is composed of the outer ring, the roller and the cage can be gently knocked into the bearing seat with a copper bar. For larger bearings, the outer ring and the outer ring components can be lifted and loaded vertically down into the bearing box by using the lifting holes on the outer ring or cage.

For FCDP type four-row cylindrical spreader bearings with movable flanges, the retainer ring, outer ring components and guide ring of the same type bearings should not be exchanged. TheⅠ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, and Ⅳ on the end face of the outer ring are marks of the loading zone. In the first installation and use, the rolling load direction should be on theⅠ mark, and the rolling load direction should be located on the rest marks successively in following installations after washing, to prolong the service life of bearings.

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