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Five Major Problems Needing Attention in Bearing Storage

Five Major Problems Needing Attention in Bearing Storage

Rolling bearings are high-precision mechanical components, and the requirements of internal and surface quality are very strict, so the bearings must be stored well to avoid the damage, precision reduction or quality deterioration without use during the inventory period. So, how to store the bearings has also become a problem worthy of attention.

1. Technical tasks of bearing warehouse management are as follows:

  • Avoid industrial roller bearings damage in the process of handling;

  • Prevent bearing rust in the inventory period;

  • Minimize the loss of precision during the inventory period;

  • Ensure the supply of bearings, so that the production will not be affected due to shortage;

  • Reasonable allocating; avoid too long overstock;

  • Carry out survey statistics and comparative analysis about the use of bearings and summarize experience to improve the supply, inventory, use and selection of bearings.

2. The following principles shall be paid attention to in the storage process:

(1) Bearing warehouse

Temperature bearings are coated with anti-rust oil before leaving the factory, and precision bearing company even uses wooden cases and plastic boxes for storage. Too low or too high temperature can cause rust prevention oil to deteriorate. The room temperature should be controlled between 5-25 °C, the highest temperature should not exceed 30 °C, and the lowest temperature should not be less than 4 °C, otherwise, temperature control measures should be adopted. Warehouses should be kept out of direct sunlight.

(2) Humidity of bearing warehouse

Too high humidity will make the roller bearing rust. It should be ensured that the bearing warehouse is dry and ventilated, and the relative humidity in the room should be kept between 45% and 60%.

(3) Bearing warehouse environment

Bearings are best stored in separate categories. If they must be stored together with other items, the other items stored together shall not be chemicals such as acid, alkali, and salt. Bearings should be placed on wooden pallets that are 0.2 m or more above the ground and kept away from heating pipes, sinks and water pipes.

The oil wax layer should be kept intact during bearing storage. Do not store with other miscellaneous parts and tools to avoid collision deformation and corrosion.

(4) Regular inspection of bearings

According to the provisions of the domestic Anti-rust Packing of Rolling Bearings, the anti-rust period of bearings is divided into half a year, one year and two years. The rust prevention period of bearings that need to be installed and used in the short term is half a year. The starting date of the rust prevention period of general bearings is subject to the date marked on the factory certificate of the product.

According to the provisions of rust prevention of ball bearing production, the bearings should be inspected regularly every 10 to 12 months.

If the rust is found on the oil seal packaging, it should be repackaged with oil seal.

(5) Horizontal placement of bearings

Bearings with outer diameter less than 200mm can be placed horizontally on shelves, and extra-large bearings should be stored horizontally on wooden pallets to avoid elliptical deformation of bearings.

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