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Causes of Burns of the Tapered Roller Bearings Burn

Causes of Burns of the Tapered Roller Bearings Burn

What is the cause of burns on tapered roller bearings? Let's take a look together!

1. What causes burns of tapered roller bearings?

The so-called burns of tapered roller bearings refer to that the raceway wheels, rolling elements and cages of tapered roller bearings accumulate heat or change color, soften, melt and break during rotation.

  • The main cause of burns of tapered roller bearings is poor lubrication of the bearings. It may be incorrect to use irregular lubricant, or too much or too little lubricant.

  • The tapered roller bearing is overloaded, the speed is too fast, the clearance is too small, and water or other foreign matter invades. If not , then it is the shaft, the accuracy of the bearing box is poor, and the shaft deflection is large.

2. What is the solution to the burns of tapered roller bearing?

  • To study lubricants and lubrication methods. Choose the right tapered roller bearing lubricant and its amount, and correct the selection of tapered roller bearing.

  • Research should match the tapered roller bearing clearance and preload, and improve the sealing device and check the accuracy of the shaft and bearing box.

  • It is recommended that when using tapered roller bearings, attention should be paid to installation, lubrication, clearance and other links to be as accurate and in place as possible.

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