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Causes of Bearing Cage Failure

Causes of Bearing Cage Failure

In most cases, the bearing cage will not be damaged under reasonable working conditions. However, improper operation in daily production will reduce the service life of the bearing cage. Let's take a look at the causes of the bearing cage failure.

1. Poor lubrication of the bearing

It is easy to form adhesive abrasion when the all types of ball and roller bearings are operating in a lean state, which will deteriorate the working surface. Also, the tear produced by adhesive abrasion is easy to enter the cage, which may cause abnormal load and fracture of the cage.

2. Creep Phenomenon of Bearing

Creep refers to the sliding phenomenon of the multi-finger ring. In the case of insufficient interference of the mating surface, the loading point moves in the surrounding due to sliding and it results in the deviation of the position of the sleeve relative to the axis or the shell towards the circumference direction.

3. Abnormal load of the bearing cage

Reduced clearance may cause by improper installation, tilt and excessive interference, which increase friction heat generation, surface softening and abnormal premature spalling. With the expansion of spalling, foreign matter enters the pocket of the cage. It results in the cage to block operation and generate additional load that aggravates the abrasion of the cage. Such aggravated circulation may lead the retainer to break.

4. Material defects of the bearing cage

Retainer fracture may cause by cracks, large non-metallic inclusions, shrinkage holes, cavity bubbles, riveting defects, padding nails or two half retainer surface gaps and serious riveting injury.

5. Invasion of hard foreign matter in the bearing

Invasion of hard foreign matter or other impurities increase the abrasion of the cage.

6. Broken of the cage

The main causes of damage are: cage vibration, excessive speed, wear and foreign matter blockage.

7. Abrasion of the cage

Abrasion of imported bearing retainers may be caused by insufficient lubrication or abrasive particles.

8. The raceway is blocked by foreign matter

Fragments of flaky material or other hard particles may become wedged between the cage and the rolling element, it prevents the latter from winding around its own axis.

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